Our Editors

James Hendicott – A freelance music, travel and technology writer based in Dublin, Ireland, James has a fixation with all things technical, and likes to keep up to the minute when it comes to day to day running of the cell phone world both in Europe, and across the pond. On a typical day, you’ll find James experimenting with mobile updates, trawling YouTube for the latest in technical videos, and listening to a long stream of the latest album releases for review. When he’s not producing content for Xingtone, James loves to gig excessively, travel through Europe and Asia, and experiment with an unhealthy quantity of handsets.

Brian Chase – Brian has a fixation with his iPhone. So much so that we’ve allowed him to pick a single one of his favorite applications – of which there are many – to highlight every week. So far he’s dabbled in anything from how to find the best nearby restaurant to timing yourself round the local running track. He likes a good game, too. We’re not actually convinced Brian has ever spent more than an hour or two without using some little-known app on his iPhone, but we have no qualms about exploiting his impressive all round knowledge.

Alex Nichols – Alex, much to his friend’s disgust, is a true pop music lover. Having heard – and probably researched – every song that gets near the top end of the charts either side of the pond, we happily put Alex in charge our charts section, through which he provides plenty of links to the latest ringtones. Most of which he already owns. Away from work, you’d most likely find Alex plugged into his stereo or bopping along to Radio One. His music collection is cheesier than a cheddar factory. That’s how he likes it.