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With the mobile world’s time in Barcelona coming to and end, we have one last installment of our updates from the world’s most prominent mobile show to bring you this week. We’ve got more from those wacky folks at Docomo, who are doubtless the kings of the novelty phone, yet more early previews on some [...]


With Apple’s launch confirming the new iPad – yes it has an official name now, too – will feature mobile networks as Internet service providers, we can no longer resist the call to arms that is the relentless press reviews of the Californian company’s new product, despite the fact the Ipad’s still five months shy [...]


America’s two largest service providers have entered into a New Year’s price war over the cost of providing mobile service, which is likely to seriously reduce charges to customers over the coming months. Verizon and AT&T are notoriously stubborn when it comes to cost of service price reductions, and are widely thought to have been [...]