UK Government Introduce “Safe Drinking” Application

The British Department of Health’s ‘Know Your Limit’ campaign on restricting alcohol intake faces an uphill battle at Christmas. It’s fair to say that we all up our consumption over the holidays, but – to aid the health conscious – the department have introduced a free new phone application that enables drinkers to keep track of exactly what they’re consuming over a day, a week and in the longer term.

The application is available for free for both the iPhone and the iPod touch from the NHS website here (making it quick nice and accessible for those keeping track on a night out), as well as in a downloadable desktop format for both PC and Mac here. Both programs count the units of alcohol consumed, calculated from user-inserted information, and keep a digital diary indicating exactly what your consumption is over a period of time. Information on recommended amounts (both daily and weekly) as well as feedback-style advice on how your alcohol consumption might be affecting your health (and what you can do about it) is also included. Despite being a UK funded scheme, the application is also available for download internationally.

The ‘Know You Limits’ Campaign has a budget of £9 million in marketing provided by the UK government, and aims to educate the public on alcohol through advertising, sharing of information on its website and debunking common urban myths about alcohol.  The campaign provides ample detailed information on how to accurately calculate your alcohol consumption, as well as the affect of alcohol on things like fitness and pregnancy. The site also tackles urban-legends and expressions like “Beer before liquor, never been sicker”.

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