UK Ringtone Charts: 12/06/2010

1. Shout For England featuring Dizzee Rascal and James Cordon – Shout (new entry) – SONG OF THE WEEK

World Cup fever hits the charts this week, with Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Shout For England’ going straight in at number one, and numerous other football-themed efforts making appearances further down the numbers, too. We wonder if things will fade a touch after England’s poor start, but given the level of their up and coming opponents, we reckon there’s a week or two left in this yet… Download Dizzee Rascal ringtones here.

2. Tinie Tempah featuring Labarinth – Frisky (new entry)

Tinie, apparently, is both small and frisky. This is only his second single, and goes in one place lower than his debut’s peak. Considering he was up against all the hype of the world cup, that’s no mean feat. This song is another party-focused effort, one that sees Tinie cover himself in alcohol fuelled, dance floor-tinged glory. And why not…

3.K’Naan – Wavin’ Flag (last week – 16)

Another World Cup themed effort, K’Naan’s track has seen a dramatic rise as Coca Cola’s choice of promotional track for the tournament. It’s already reached number one in an impressive three countries across Europe and scored highly in plenty of others. Never heard of him? He’s half Somali, half Canadian. Neither of whom, incidentally, are playing in the tournament.

4. David Guetta featuring Chris Willis – Gettin’ Over you (last week – 1)

Blasted out of its number one spot by the World Cup invasion, Guetta’s latest has done well, especially given that the popular remix has now disappeared into chart oblivion. Still, that effort – featuring Fergie – played a major roll in this old single’s reappearance. The original release dates back 9 months. Grab David Guetta ringtones here.

5. Eminem – Not Afraid (last week – 6)

Eminem seems to have been gone so long that it almost feels like he’s not a part of the music scene anymore. There’s always time for chainsaw swinging antics, though, and we’ll be seeing plenty of them from him on the festival scene this summer. Critics can’t make their minds up if ‘Not Afraid’ is a return to form or not. We think it’s great. Click here to download Eminem ringtones.

UK Albums Chart:

1. Christina Aguilera – Bionic (new entry)

As folks who are old enough to remember Christina’s sparkling early efforts like the 90s smash ‘Genie In A Bottle’, Xingtone have seen Aguilera go through more stages than most, plenty of them quite depressingly unsuccessful. Still, she seems back for good with this long overdue number one. Welcome back, Christina. Christina Aguilera ringtones up for grabs here.

2. Alicia Keys – The Element Of Freedom (last week -5)

Up three this week and still selling like hot cakes half a year after many in the music press dismissed Alicia’s latest effort as her worst so far, The Element of Freedom has won over the fans if not the critics. The fans, of course, know exactly what kind of subtle R&B stylings to expect. Smooth Alicia Keys ringtones on offer here.

3. Michael Buble – Crazy Love (last week – 2)

Down one for super-charged cover star Michael Buble with ‘Crazy Love’, on which he adds his own distinctive, jazzy stylings to another selection of cover tracks and home-made recordings. This might well make him the most popular cover artist of all time: stadium tours don’t lie! Download Michael Buble ringtones here.

4. Glee Cast – Glee The Music Volume 3, Showstoppers (last week – 3)

The first Glee album to maintain it’s chart position for more than just the first week, ’showstoppers’ notches a second week at number three, as the dramatic musical series heads towards its finale. Glee is here to stay, of course, but we’ll have to wait a little while for the next series to kick in. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of music from the show to get stuck in to.

5. Lady Gaga – The Fame (last week – 6)

We honestly though we might have seen the last of Lady Gaga’s 18 month old debut at this point, but it seems the public are still just as enamored as they were back in 2008, when this first rocked up on the charts. An incredible statistic that, and one for Gaga to… well, go Gaga for. No wonder there’s no hurry to reel out new material these days! Download Lady Gaga ringtones here.

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