US Ringtone Charts 06/06/2010

US Singles Chart:

1. Usher featuring Will.I.Am – OMG (last week – 1)

Usher hangs in at number one for another week with the infectious OMG, another track that’s been critically savaged but gone down extremely well with the punters. Expect ample radio play throughout the summer, especially given the inclusion of Will.I.Am, perhaps the hottest collaborative property there is right  now.  Download a taste of Usher for your phone, here.

2. Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg – California Gurls (last week – 2)

Perry’s fashionable electro-pop tune seems a little like cash in, given the popularity of the genre and the lack of previous work from her in this area, but given the press’ fixation with Perry’s output, it was sure to do well.  This is Perry’s response to Jay-Z’s smash hit ‘Empire State Of Mind’, and ‘unique’ as it’s a girl’s take on the California theme. We’re not convinced. Download Katy Perry ringtones here.

3. B.o.B Featuring Eminem and Haley Williams – Airplanes (last week – 2)

Down one for chart big-shot B.o.B, whose work now includes such an array of collaborative efforts not only with Eminem and Haley Williams (of Paramore fame), but also a host of other impressive, internationally known acts. There’s no going back from here: if he keeps up this form, B.o.B will be a big-name for a long time to come.

4. Ke$ha – Your Love Is My Drug (last week – 7)

Last week’s big smash party girl is back, shooting up the charts to number four this week. In the track, Ke$ha talks about being so madly in love with someone that she totally loses her mind, much like taking a drug. The album ‘Animal’ is a great market for Ke$ha’s success, having already sold a huge one million copies internationally. That’s some rise to fame.

5. Taio Cruz featuring Ludacris – Break Your Heart (last week – 4)

Down one for this piece of urban teamwork for Taio Cruz and Ludacris. The British star is far more popular stateside than back home, and will be looking to develop his career in the bigger American market in the future. Given that his style is far more suited to that market, Cruz can expect to go far, though his shows still go down a storm back in the UK. Down on this week.

US Albums Chart:

1. Glee The Music Volume 3: Showstoppers (last week – 1)

Dramatic TV series Glee is coming into the final straight of the highly popular first series right now, and this album offers the perfect taster. A Lively collection of covers from the actors offers a great taste of what the show is all about, and is selling even better than the first two albums. Expect to recognize plenty of the tracks included here.

2. Stone Temple Pilots – Stone Temple Pilots (new entry)

Reformed rockers Stone Temple Pilots are back, having spent the best part of the last few years performing as parts of a selection of other popular bands. Having completed a whopping 71 date reunion tour, this is the band’s first recorded effort since then, and the fans are crawling all over it.

3. Justin Bieber – My World 2.0 (last week – 4)

Starlet Justin Bieber has more detractors than fans, but that comes with the territory for many pop stars. My World 2.0 is now in its tenth week on the charts and still selling like hot cakes. We expect it do so for some time in the future, too. Grab Justin Bieber’s latest ringtones, here.

4. Lady Antebellum – Need You Now (last week – 6)

Country music’s biggest stars traditionally only have the shortest of stays on the US charts, but Lady Antebellum have proven a highly successful exception, re-entering the top five this week in their 18th week on the charts. This is their most successful effort to date by a country mile, and hasn’t let up much in terms of sales over the past five months. Download Lady Antebellum ringtones here.

5. Usher – Raymond vs. Raymond (last week – 8)

Usher’s concept album was a massive hit with the critics when it first appeared nearly three months ago, incorporating all kind of interesting twists on his own life and controversial recent experiences. It’s certainly different, avoiding the traditionally un-inspiring concepts of bling and violence in urban music, and all the better for it. Get Usher ringtones here.

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