About 3 Doors DownMississippi rockers 3 Doors Down won themselves a record deal with Universal off the back of the song Kryptonite, and have gone on to sell in excess of 16 million albums worldwide, and infamously perform a mammoth number of annual concerts, sometimes surpassing 300 gigs a year. Both 2005's 'Seventeen Days' and 2008's self titled album topped the US Billboard charts, though later singles - which have included two further US top ten hits - have nonetheless failed to match the success of Kryptonite. Slow track Be Like That made an impressive appearance on teen movie American Pie. Brad Arnold became the band's singer as none of the rest of the group wanted to do it when they formed at the age of only fifteen. Three Doors Down now run their own charity, "The Better Life Foundation", which helps numerous child-poverty related causes.