About AaliyahSigned at the age of just 12 and mentored by R. Kelly, Aaliyah released a stunningly successful debut album Age Ain't Nothing But a Number at only 15, selling in excess of two million copies. She described her own sound as 'street but sweet', and wrote R&B tracks with an impressive vocal range, including efforts like More Than a Woman and Rock the Boat, amongst 28 other singles that invariably charted well in the UK. Aaliyah produced three albums in total, though following her tragic death several post humus releases followed. As well as her singing career, she also appeared in the major movie adaption of Romeo and Juliet, 'Romeo Must Die', and sported an unusual image, baggy and casual, emphasizing that women should be able to be themselves. Aaliyah died in a plane accident in 2001, leaving a substantial legacy despite being only 22 years of age.