About CascadaA German dance threesome who perform largely in English, Cascade are best known for international hit singles like Everytime We Touch, Evacuate the Dancefloor and Miracle. They're fronted by enigmatic lead singer Natalie Horler, who has gone on to feature on numerous television shows as well as starring in national newspapers in the UK (in particular) and the US. While their first two albums contain numerous covers and are styled in a typical 'Euro pop' way, the third and latest album takes a more musically mature twist, incorporating ballads and hefty bass lines. Cascada took the record Evacuate the Dancefloor on tour supporting Britney Spears, while star trance DJ member Yanou has other musical credentials, having worked with DJ Sammy in producing feel good summer hit Heaven. Third member Manian is a legendary DJ on the Clubland compilation series.