About FergieHaving found fame as a singer in both 'Wild Orchid' and 'Black Eyed Peas', Fergie embarked on a solo career in 2006, following a similar format to the one Black Eyed Peas had achieved so much with. Debut album 'The Dutchess' (a deliberate misspelling of Duchess) launched her on the market with singles like Fergalicious and Big Girls Don't Cry, and included three US number one hits, as well as selling well over 4 million copies worldwide. The album - her only solo album to date - also won the singer numerous awards. At present the singer is concentrating on her Black Eyed Peas role, as well as working on a London-based movie entitled 'Nine'. Aside from the music and acting, Fergie is also a fashion designer, and owns a stake in the Miami Dolphins football team. She's a former cheerleader, outstanding student and girl scout.