About Foo FightersFormed by former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl (who switches to vocals for the Foo Fighters), Seattle rock superstars the Foo Fighters became an almost instant hit around the world. Tracks like All My Life, Everlong, Best Of You and Monkey Wrench have led a chart assault that's been backed up by millions of album sales and a heavily praised live show. Gentle verses and loud choruses are a common songwriting technique for Grohl, a style he admits he picked up largely from his previous band, though Foo Fighters are more melodic than Nirvana tended to be. After numerous festival headline shows, the band took a brief hiatus in 2009 to get their breath back, before releasing a late-in-the-year best of album. They are currently surpassed only be The Red Hot Chili Peppers in terms of consecutive number one rock albums, with four in a row up to 2007's 'The Pretender'.