About Lady GagaInternational smash hits Poker Face and Just Dance belie Lady Gaga's relatively difficult start, being dropped by Def Jam Records at the age of 19, only shortly after signing. 2009 sees her at the forefront of pop culture, having sold over 20 million singles and 3 million albums, and picked up two UK number one singles. Lady Gaga is notoriously into fashion, and has worn numerous provocative outfits such as the bubble dress she sported on her The Fame tour. She's also become a popular gay icon, and controversially dedicated her 2009 MTV music award to "God and the gays". Her tracks draw from the dance and rock genres in equal measure, and are often compared to Europop or 80s pop music. Whilst not startlingly original, Lady Gaga - real name Stefani Germanotta - writes an impressively infectious brand of modern-day pop music.