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About Led ZeppelinAs a pioneering heavy metal band, London based Led Zeppelin, defunct since 1980, remain one of the most widely talked about and best known hard rock bands of all time. Formed in London, the four-piece were born out of the ashes of 'The Yardbirds', and reached number one with seven of their nine studio albums, as well as producing classic tracks like Whole Lotta Love, Immigrant Song and Good Time, Bad Times. While their second album did provoke allegations of plagiarism from blues artists, Zeppelin is widely regarded as a unique and original musical entity. They reformed for a one off reunion show in 2007, a performance that has prompted ample press speculation about further reunion shows ever since. Out of disdain for the music press, Zeppelin anonymously released their fourth album, proving once and for all that their music can sell itself. The album was simply named as four odd symbols.