About Matchbox 20Orlando grunge-rockers Matchbox 20's sequence of colossal albums - they've never failed to break the US top 10 in four efforts - started in 1996 with Yourself or Someone Like You, though it took the release of second album Mad Season to produce their first US number one, through single Bent (contrary to popular belief, not a reference to the British slang expression). Dramatic and angst-ridden, Matchbox 20's 'post grunge' sound made them huge in Australia and Canada too, though they've never reached the same heights in the UK. Total album sales worldwide recently surpassed 45 million, yet in Britain, no Matchbox 20 album has ever reached the top 30. While 20's numerous Grammy nominations have never lead to a win, vocalist Rob Thomas collected four for his collaboration with Carlos Santana in 1999 single Smooth.