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About MetallicaFormed when drummer Lars Ulrich posted an advert in a local newspaper, heavy metal rockers Metallica went on to become arguably the biggest rock band of all time. Ulrich, Hetfield and co produced iconic albums like Master of Puppets, ? And Justice For All and Ride the Lightning, selling in excess of 100 million records worldwide, and have averaged very nearly a Grammy award for each of the eleven albums they've released. Tracks like One, Enter Sandman and Eye of the Beholder are often quoted as the defining songs in the heavy metal genre, an area of music that Metallica have dominated since only a year or two after their 1981 inception. Recently, Metallica have been steeped in controversy following the bands forceful objection to (and eventual suing of) file sharing site Napster, and Hetfield leaving after suffering from burn out. Of course, nothing's enough to stop this forceful heavy metal beast from rolling on.