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About OutKastAtlanta duo 'Outkast', featuring Andre 3000 and Big Boi, mix more musical genres than pretty much any other contemporary chart act, and have sold over 25 million copies worldwide of their eight releases to date. Notoriously original and experimental, Outkast's most successful tracks so far include US Number ones Miss Jackson (now a true hip-hop classic), Hey Ya and The Way You Move. Both Big Boi and Andre 3000 are currently working on solo projects, but have confirmed that following their solo releases they intend to return to Outkast, and record a follow up to the massively successful 2006 album 'Idlewild'. Once sued for references to black activist Rosa Parks in their early material (Outkast maintain the references were in homage); they're known for their increasingly 'clean living' lifestyle, in contrast to the majority of other major hip-hop and rap influenced acts.