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About PitbullA Miami rapper also well known for his involvement in Spanish language education, Pitbull - Armando Perez to his friends - named himself for being 'too stupid to lose', like the dog, referring to his pigheaded determination. The Cuban-American sings in both English and Spanish, producing a fusion sound that incorporates reggae, hip-hop and dancehall styles. Debut album M.I.A.M.I (Money is a Major Issue) is his most successful to date, a slow building smash that peaked at number 14 on the US billboard charts. More recently his music has become tinged with politics, often exploring the plight of Cuban refugees in Florida, while later tracks have acquired a stronger rap edge to them. Pitbull's 4th album, 2009s Rebelution, features numerous collaborations including Pharrell Williams and Lil Jon, and has been accompanied by controversy after a video of Perez punching an audience member at a Colorado concert found its way onto the internet.