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About Red Hot Chili PeppersFormed in 1983, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers are arguably the most popular funk rock band in the world. Hailing from Los Angeles, the Chilli's have sold over 50 million albums across the world and won seven Grammy Awards including Best Rock album for their hit 'Stadium Arcadium' in 2006. The Chilli's are best known for the vocal styles of frontman Anthony Kiedis which blend a form of rapping with more traditional singing. Starting from 'Californication' however, the level of rapping and fast spoken sections of songs has greatly decreased, replaced by more traditional rock songs with a mainstream melody. Musically, the Chilli's style ranges from soft rock to psychedelic. They are inspired strongly by blues and funk music. Although the band is currently not making any music, they should be back in the studio soon to produce another full length album.