About Rob ZombieRob Zombie - who's name comes from his part in hardcore metalers White Zombie - has gone on to become an established star in his own right, featuring heavily on the Groove Metal scene, and producing several zombie movies along the way. Rob's real name is Robert Cummings, and his solo career started with an Alice Copper collaboration in 1996, which he later followed with the experimental album 'Educated Horses' and party track 'Foxy Foxy'. Zombie has formed numerous temporary bands containing superstar members since becoming a solo artist, but has made an equally impressive impact as a TV presenter, film producer, screenwriter and music video producer. He recently made a guest appearance on a Lynyrd Skynyrd album, and has two further horror-themed films in the works, expected in 2011 (The Blob) and 2013 (Tyrannosaurus Rex).