About Sean KingstonSean Kingston's early 'reggae-hop' lyrics - which incorporate violence and heartfelt attitude - are the aggressively channeled product of a difficult upbringing. Locked up for breaking and entering at the age of 11, and later forced to live in a car while his mother served time for fraud, Kingston's early problems pushed him to redirect himself, focusing on 'rhymes not crimes'. From a place on the Miami showcase circuit, Kingston's demo found its way into the hands of Epic, who signed him up and released softer styled hit Beautiful Girls in 2007, when Kingston was just 17. The reggae-influenced track shot to number one in the US, playing off a clever sample of Ben E King's Stand By Me, and helped Kingston's self titled album peak at number six. Collaborations with Flo Rida and Lil Wayne have led to further success, while Fire Burning, an early 2009 prelude to second album Tomorrow, peaked at number 5 in the US.