About SeetherGrunge-influenced South Africans Seether started out as 'Saron Gas', performing university parties around Cape Town. They later became Seether in honour of the Veruca Salt song of the same name, winning a record deal with Wind-Up records and heading out on tour with major names like Nickelback, Evanescence and Staind. Their two latest albums (of four in total, plus one as Saron Gas) have seen Seether grow to international popularity, with both peaking inside the US top 10, and total album sales around the world shooting past the five million mark. There've been some difficult times along the way, too, with fallouts, members leaving and other members in and out of rehab for alcoholism. Infamous session drummer Josh Freese appeared on a number of Seether album tracks, while they've also become associated with WWE wrestling, after 'Fake It' was made the soundtrack to 2008's 'No Way Out'.