About StaindStaind first emerged in 1995, formed in the town of Springfield, Massachusetts. The band play a mix of nu-metal, post-grunge and hard rock that tends to be much lighter than many of their metal peers, often featuring acoustic guitars rather than full on metal riffs. Their original influences included Pantera and Machine Head and their early gigging days involved covering bands such as Tool, Pearl Jam and Korn.The band is comprised of Aaron Lewis, Mike Mushok, Jonny April and Jon Wysocki, with Frontman Lewis securing a place on Hit Parade's list of All-Time Metal Vocalists.The band have released six full length studio albums, the most famous of these being 2001's 'Break the Cycle', which reached number 1 on the US and UK album charts and sold well over 5 million copies in the United States, reaching 5x Platinum status.Staind's newest single was 'They Way I am' released in January 2009 from the 2008 album, 'The Illusion of Progress'.