About SublimeFormed in 1988, Sublime is a reggae and ska band from Long Beach in California. The band broke up in 1996 after frontman Bradley Nowell died of an Overdose shortly before their third album. The band skirted mainstream success until the release of their 1996 album, which was self titled. The album was a massive success and the single 'What I Got' reached the top spot in the US Modern Rock Chart. The album has since gone 5 times platinum and earned the band fame across the world. Other singles from the album including 'Doin' Time' and 'Wrong Way' also met with critical acclaim.The band are still especially popular in America, especially in their home state of California where the well known radio station KROQ have listed them as third in their biggest bands of all time for over half a decade. Sublimes songs have been used in various extreme sports computer games such as Diva Mirra BMX and Tony Hawks.