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About ZZ TopUnusually for a rock band, ZZ Top still sports the same line up after more than 40 years of performing. Mixing blues guitars with a rock ethos, and playing songs liberally sprinkled with humor and sexual references, ZZ Top's most successful efforts among their 20 albums include the US number one singles Pincushion, Doubleback and Stage. Invariably clad with lengthy beards (that they were rumored to have been offered $1million to shave off on a TV advert - they refused), ZZ Top's iconic image also incorporates sunglasses and plenty of black leather, and has a biker feel to it. With their own specially made selection of cars, guitars and motorbikes behind them, the band's collection of custom rarities is legendary. Despite all three members of the band being in or approaching their 60s, there's no sign of a let up, with a 21st album thought to be on the way.