App Of The Week: Unblock Me

IN SHORT: An infectious, free to download game which uses a simple tactical model to give you increasingly tough challenges. The basic concept revolves around using your iPods slide touch system to move blocks around a screen, with the aim of freeing up a red block, and then pushing that red block off the screen through a hole. It’s far better than that makes it sound…

THE LOWDOWN: This game is a real compulsive one, the type of game that has you playing level after level and struggling with the mind-blowing strategy more and more. The free version is still extremely comprehensive, yet can still be played a single level at a time should you need something to occupy you for a minute or two whilst waiting for a phone call or suchlike. It’s that kind of fliexibility that makes it a bit special, and despite being so intrinsically simple, few games have got so much playtime on out iPhone. The paid version does come with a few interesting little extras (and a host more levels), but frankly the free one is so comprehensive that it doesn’t seem worth the money until you’re thoroughly addicted. We’d give you ten minutes after kicking off!

LINK: Click here to download the paid version, and here for the free version.

COST: £0.59/ free

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